Making the organic choice

Sep 11, 2020

At Raw & Wild, we are proud to be one of the only markets in the Highlands that offers certified organic produce.  Choosing organic, seasonal produce and making ethical and sustainable food decisions is a way of life, underpinning everything we do.

Organic Market Bowral

It’s certainly fair to say that what was a ‘niche’ product when our business first opened its doors in 2006, is now mainstream and a lifestyle choice for many.

Today, we are more aware than ever before of the impact of food production on our health and the environment.  According to a report by Australian Organic, last year (2019) the Australian organic food market was worth $2.6 billion, with consumer demand for organic fruit, vegetables and household items growing at a rate of 20-30% p/year.  This is incredible, and a real step in the right direction for us all.

What are the benefits of buying organic?

It is estimated that six out of ten Australian households now buy organic on occasion with the most popular products being; fruit, veggies, beef, non-alcoholic drinks, nuts and dry goods and household products.

The main reasons people choose to buy organic are because of health concerns over pesticides, hormones and other genetically modified additives that can often form a big part of conventional farming.   Ethical and environmental concerns over the impact of mass farming on the environment as well as the welfare of livestock are also key reasons to choose organic.  Health benefits are another big factor – and many of us simply believe that organic food tastes better!

At Raw & Wild, we believe wholeheartedly in organic and our wide range of products in the Market from fresh fruit and vegies to pantry staples, nutritional supplements and eco household products , set out to support all aspects of an organic lifestyle.

What is certified organic?

A product can be defined as certified organic if 95% or more of the ingredients have certified organic status.  The term can apply to almost any ethically produced product including;

  • free range or pasture raised meat and poultry
  • fruit and vegetables
  • dried legumes, grains
  • dairy foods
  • eggs
  • honey

For a product to gain the ‘certified’ organic status, the grower must meet strict requirements with zero use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics during production.  True organic farmers adhere to organic principles for the long term i.e. a farmer cannot decide that this year they will take an organic approach – to gain certified organic stamp, the soil must maintain organic status for a minimum of three years.

Look for the certified organic “bud” logo to ensure you are truly buying organic products.

Think seasonal, think local

Another important consideration when it comes to organic food choices is around eating what’s fresh and seasonal.  Not only do seasonal fruit and veggies taste better, they are also plentiful and therefore cost less.  Buying local from a market such as ours or direct from organic farmers ensures fewer food miles, access to the freshest produce and the added bonus of supporting your local community.

What’s in season?

Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of promise and some freshly grown produce arriving in the market each day.

Look out for:

  • New season lemons
  • New season carrots
  • New season broccoli

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